Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

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As costs EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING seem to continually rise, we need all the tips we can get for saving energy and money. Am I right?


Not to mention our homes are more "connected" than ever. From wifi, to Alexa's, to fancy rotating air filters it seems there is something guzzling electricity and energy all the time.


Because of this, I'd love to share some energy saving tips with you.


Making simple changes can boost your home’s value. To make your home more energy efficient:


1. Lower the thermostat on your water heater.

Yep, lower that baby as far as you can manage. I promise it matters.


2. Check for air leaking around doors.

Maybe a no brainer but you could find yourself surprised. This is easiest in the dead of winter or when you are pressure washing. Did water get in anywhere? Is the floor next to your window or door extra cold? Then there may be a leak.


3. Close the air vents in rooms not in use.

For reals. Some of the smallest rooms will be the coldest when your A/C is chugging and it is not even use. Why?


4. Keep heat producers far from your thermostat in summer.



5. Clean your furnace and air conditioner filters.

So important but so often forgotten. Set auto reminders to change your air filter based on the size of it.

1" pleated - 30-60 days. 2" pleated - every 90 days. 3" pleated - every 120 days. 4" pleated - every 6 months or 180 days.


6. Operate large appliances during low-use periods in summer.

Yep! So many more people are home over the summer. Try running your dishwasher at bedtime instead of right after dinner.


7. Replace deficient insulation and inefficient appliances.

If you have an appliance giving you trouble then you get bet your bottom dollar it is costing you.


8. Buy fluorescent light bulbs.

Just do it! Now.


I hope by tying up any of those loose ends above that may apply to you and your home then you find a little extra money in your pocket. Enjoy a few extra latte's or start a new hobby.


Let me know if you find any of these tips apply to you and what action you take to get back on track.